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Think about the changes you could make...

Remember the two airport terminals? The point was accessibility, and the terminals stood for classrooms! Hopefully, it made you think. The webinar, overview, and activities then further explained UDL. Now it’s time to think some more and create your own UDL “cheat-sheet.”

Use the form below to do that. 

1. Think about subjects where you are actively helping students learn. 

2. In those subject areas and classes how could you adjust around the three components of UDL  (provide options for staying engaged, represent things in different ways, and allow for different actions and expresssions of learning). 

3. Meet with your instructional team and collaborate on how to incorporate some of these ideas into the classroom and do so as preemptive strike to ensure all kids get what they need and get it automatically and upfront. 

4. Use the cheat sheet below to TAKE NOTES 

Module: Helping with Instruction

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