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Universal Design for Learning (UDL) helps educators create teaching materials and organize classrooms effectively.  UDL principles are derived from the field of architecture. Why architecture?

 Because when we design buildings we need to ensure that all people have access to that building just like we need to design lessons in our schools that allow all children access to the content. 

What does UDL involve? 

At its core, UDL means that: materials, services, and physical settings should be welcoming to all students. 

On a deeper level, it entails ensuring that: every student has full access to the same excellent curriculum.

The three principles of UDL. 

  1. First, represent content in multiple ways. 
  2. Second, allow students to demonstrate what they’ve learned in various ways. 
  3. Third, establish connections between new content and students’ interests, prior knowledge, and life experiences. 

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Module: Helping with Instruction

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