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Comprehensive Resources

CAST is an educational organization that provides a lot of information about UDL. It is the best UDL center in the US. It does research and professional development. It also helps districts and states use UDL better.

The National Center on UDL is another good source. It offers on-line video and audio resources. It also has books, articles, and “toolkits.” These things help educators and families learn about and advocate for UDL.


The IRIS Center, at Vanderbilt University, offers a module about UDL.IRIS has other modules, too. They cover topics like assistive technology and learning strategies.

San Francisco State University also has an on-line module about UDL. It’s aimed at helping college teachers explain UDL, but it is useful for everyone.


UDL at a Glance is a short video about UDL. It’s available on YouTube. The video was created by staff members at CAST.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) was produced at Johns Hopkins University. This video is on YouTube, too.


Implementing UDL, too, is on YouTube. This video comes from the National Center on Universal Design for Learning.

Module: Helping with Instruction

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