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Instructional Support and Student Growth

Effective instruction is the cornerstone of student learning, propelling individuals from their current level to the next stage of academic development. Educators play a pivotal role by providing tailored scaffolds, recognizing that diverse students benefit from varying support structures. Moreover, a dynamic approach acknowledges that a student’s needs evolve, requiring different scaffolds at different times or for distinct learning objectives.

Customized Scaffolds for Meaningful Learning

The essence of good instruction lies in utilizing the right scaffolds, a decision contingent on students’ preferences and needs. This approach imparts meaning to learning, enabling students to perceive the seamless connection between new knowledge and skills and their existing foundation. In classrooms with diverse student profiles, a multitude of scaffolds, ranging from activities to models and explanations, proves essential. This pedagogical strategy aligns seamlessly with the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

Key Messages in One Sentence: Good instruction employs diverse scaffolds with individualized approaches to facilitate student learning in a meaningful and sequential manner.

Key Messages in One Word: Scaffolding.


Concept Map Overview

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Module: Helping with Instruction

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