Introductory Challenge

Clara Bowles and Marty Winston are two parapros at South High School. Both have had years of experience in classrooms. This fall they enrolled in a community college course on instructional strategies. The instructor gave them the following assignment.


The crosswalk below shows various instructional strategies and learning needs. Complete it by placing X’s in cells. Put X’s in the cells showing which strategies listed match the needs listed. Strategies are in rows. Needs are in the columns. Not all cells will have X’s, of course.


Orienting to a lesson

Seeing a visual representation of a concept

Understanding cause and effect

Structuring study time

Performing well on tests

Identifying the features of a story

Writing about a process

Learning targets
Advance organizers
Concept maps
Story maps
Fishbone charts
Venn diagrams
T charts
Study skills
Metacognitive strategies
Test-taking skills

Based on what you learned by working with the materials in this module, how would you complete the crosswalk?