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Content: Instructional Cycle Interview


This activity gives you practice talking with a teacher about the instructional cycle. It will help you learn more about the five phases of the instructional cycle. It may also help you get more comfortable talking with teachers about instruction.

Step 1: Planning Questions

Do you use a certain format for lesson planning? 

What special considerations to you regularly include in your planning? 

How do you list out the ways you will differentiate the lesson plan for specialized learning and behavior needs in the classroom?


Step 2: Teaching

Do you try to follow the plan and have it available as you teach?  

How do you ensure you get it all done and keep the pace of the lesson? 

How do you differentiate within the lesson and sure all the kids connect to the learning but at their level and with their interests and skills in mind?

Step 3: Reflecting Stage

How do you take notes in your teaching process? 

Do you have certain note taking methods or evaluation formats that help guide your next steps? 

 Do you ever change your approach midway into the teaching if you realize things aren’t working?

Step 4: Planning Again

How do you take what you learn to look ahead to the next lesson?  

Do you ever meet with other team members to think through and replan for next time?

Step 5: Including Paraprofessionals in Instruction

How do you preplan and use paraprofessionals in your lessons?

Use a Framework such as this to detail your next lesson with your intervention specialist. Think through your role and theirs so that everyone contributes to the lesson. Instruction for Paras and Eds

INSTRUCTOR’S NOTE: If you are using this activity with a group of students in a paraprofessional training program or workshop, you might want to organize small-group discussions in which the students talk about what they learned from their conversations with the teachers they interviewed

Take Notes

  1. How do the above responses from the teachers you interviewed and the responses in the instructional cycle chart align to your personal experiences as a paraprofessional?
  2. What are some ways your teaching team could improve or sustain the needed communication for planning instruction?

Module: Helping with Instruction

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