Revisiting the Introductory Challenge

Look at the list you made for the Introductory Challenge. Now that you’ve read the review of the units, do you remember anything else that you might want to add to the list? If so, expand your list to include this additional information.

Now you have a brief set of notes to take with you, distilling what you’ve learned from the module. If there are gaps, you can add to these notes by reviewing important parts of earlier units or unit summaries. Your notes will provide a quick way to review the information presented in the module. They will also remind you of the big ideas from the science of reading that should guide your efforts to help students read.

Based on your responses to the questions in the Introductory Challenge, fill in the Self-Evaluation and Planning Tool. This tool will help you chart your progress and pinpoint areas for further development. You can then work to further develop those areas where you feel less confident and revise the planning tool as you gain confidence. After filling in the Self-Evaluation and Planning Tool, you can use the last column to highlight further resources in the domains where you’d like to improve.