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Introductory Scenarios


Students are diverse, and they come to the classroom with many different skills, kinds of knowledge, and background experiences. Everything they bring offers an asset to the group’s experience of learning. Thinking of children in this way is founded in an assets based pedagogy(Mein, 2018) and it means looking at the child’s whole picture, not just their deficits.

Eleanor and Charles are parapros who work at the same primary school. Both help with reading instruction, especially with struggling readers. Eleanor helps several English learners and a student who is hard of hearing. Charles helps a student whom his partner teacher says is “dyslexic”, one who has autism , and one child who just moved to the school is struggling with reading in her content area classes. 

 Eleanor and Charles often have conversations about what methods of reading instruction are “best practice” for these students. Right now, though, they have more questions than answers. 


What do you think their questions might be?

Module: Helping Students Read

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