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Take Notes


  • Reread the scenario involving Jessica from the Introductory Scenario.
  • If you haven’t already, go through the illustration on learning progressions in this unit.
  • Then answer the three questions below, either alone or with a group.


  1. If you were working as a paraprofessional in Jessica’s class on the day she returned from her illness, how could you have helped her with the handout on line symmetry?
  2. In the days following her illness, Jessica made the (bad) decision to just give up and wait for the next unit to start. How would you advise a student in that situation?
  3. What can you do when you see a student becoming overwhelmed with a math topic or assignment? (Challenge hint: For best results, combine what you learned from Unit 2 on emotions and attitudes towards math with what you learned in this unit about learning progressions!)

Module: Helping Students Do Math

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