Revisiting the Introductory Challenge

  1. Re-read the introductory challenge, and then read the following comment about Mr. Samson’s teaching:

    He didn’t mean to do it, but Mr. Samson wasn’t helping students think. He was just doing what his own teachers had done when he was in school. It seemed OK to him for that reason. In fact, his students were comfortable with this routine. For one, thing, it was less work for them and they were used to it. At times, asking good questions of students is somewhat like getting children to eat vegetables: They don’t always appreciate it, even if it’s good for them.

  2. Then answer the questions below.
    1. How might you respond to a student who just wants you to tell him or her how to do the problem?
    2. How might you respond to a student who answers questions with wild guesses?
    3. How can you encourage all students, not just the most confident, to respond to the questions you might ask about a math idea or problem?