Revisiting the Introductory Challenge


  • Reread the introductory challenge scenario involving Jessica and Sam.
  • Then answer the three questions below, either alone or with a group.


  • After going through this unit, what advice would you give to a student who feels that he or she is simply not good at math and has stopped trying?
  • We’ve focused mostly on students who feel they are naturally bad at math, but there can also be danger in a student believing that he or she is naturally good at math. What problems could arise with a student thinking he or she is a natural math person? What advice might you give a student like this?
  • How can you use your own attitude toward math—either good or bad—as a productive starting point for helping students improve their attitudes toward math?
  • What actions might Sam take to help Jessica change her attitude toward math? Are these similar to the actions you might take with a student who has had bad experiences with (and therefore a negative attitude toward) math?