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Activity: The Old Guy’s No-Math Test



We have worked with many students who have learned not to like math. We usually help them tolerate math a lot better—enough better so that they can qualify for a better job. A few of them, though, do begin to see that math is interesting, even if they don’t end up using it that much for work or, indeed, for anything in their everyday lives. 

As a paraprofessional, though, you are likely, at least once in a while, to help students learn math. And to help students, you need to have a sense of the extent (and also the limits) of your own math knowledge. Finding out the extent and limits of math knowledge usually means taking a math test. 

Fortunately, though, taking a math test is not really necessary for this purpose! The activity for this unit is a no-math test. 

Check this out. Cunning mysterious senior male pensioner with thick gray beard and bald head smiling at camera, raising fore finger, pointing at blank studio wall with copyspace for your text

Click here to download a PDF of The Old Guy’s No-Math Test. 

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Module: Helping Students Do Math

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