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Content: Finding Infographics


Today, many textbooks—particularly in social studies, math, and science—incorporate infographics such as pictures, graphs, charts, and tables.

Finding and Using Infographics to Enhance Student Learning:

Practice: Implement the following steps and then reflect on how they improved your teaching and helped your students soar!

Step One: Search for Infographics

Once you identify the topic of an upcoming lesson, explore the textbooks and resources supporting that lesson to find available infographics. Alternatively, conduct an online search for infographics related to the topic. They are easily accessible with a simple Google search, such as “infographic on __________.” You can even create your own and seek feedback from your teacher to ensure it includes all necessary information.

Step Two: Pause and Preview with Your Students

Before the teacher presents the lesson, take a moment with your students to preview the infographics. This practice enhances their prior knowledge, ensuring they come prepared to actively contribute to the lesson.

Step Three: Utilize the Infographic

During the lesson, support both the teacher and students by referring to the infographics. Incorporate them into the teaching process to enhance understanding.

Step Four: Review the Infographic

After completing the lesson, review the infographic with your students. This visual recap reinforces the material presented in class. Encourage your students to share ideas on how to improve the infographic, whether by adding more information or streamlining it.



Were you amazed at all the infographics you can find as soon as you searched your topic? It would be silly to reinvent the wheel when there is already so much out there to fit your students’ needs.  

After using one of the infographics you found ask your student what they think.  Did it help and why? or why not?


Could they begin to draw their own if drawing is there thing?


Did it help you to explain the concept more clearly?  why or why not?

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