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Content: Choosing Intervention


Even well-designed UDL lessons don’t always meet every need of an individual student. When this happens, it’s important to add interventions. These special lessons should be added to UDL lessons, not replace them. Students who are struggling to learn need both.

Tools like Scarborough’s Rope (see below) can help educators determine the content that an intervention should focus on. Pinpointing a child’s most pressing needs is important. Are her reading needs in the area of word recognition? Or is the main issue with background knowledge?

Scarborough’s Rope

Scarborough's Reading Rope
Scarborough, H. S. (2001). Connecting early language and literacy to later reading (dis)abilities: Evidence, theory, and practice. In S. Neuman & D. Dickinson (Eds.), Handbook for research in early literacy (pp. 97–110). New York, NY: Guilford Press.

Module: Helping Students Read (Clone)

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