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Content: Building Reading Lessons


Good reading lessons include several different types of activities.

  •  build skills;
  •  focus on the meaning of the text
  •  encourage students to think about new ideas
  • should be enjoyable,
  • give students a chance to show they can do something well or come up with good answers.
  • keep students thinking and doing things, not just sitting there watching.Free vector recipe book and kitchenware

Most recipes include two parts: a list of ingredients and a set of instructions.  Reading lessons have the same:

  • Main ingredients include: the skills and knowledge
  • Speciality ingredients include: the many bits of reading instruction content we have covered
  • Scope (parts of the reading lesson)
  • Sequence (the step by step of the lesson)- they relate the prior knowledge and connect to new skills


Module: Helping Students Read (Clone)

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