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Introductory Scenario


When Lanie first started in her role as a paraprofessional, she didn’t know how to make confident, student-based, educationally sound decisions around the interventional supports she used to help a child.  She honestly spent most of her day, guessing using her prior experience as a mom and her common sense which she had a lot of .  She was also living in the moment and putting out fires as they came instead of looking head to what was about to happen and making a plan around it based on what had happened before. 

Her one student Helen was often frustrated and Lanie knew if she looked behind and gathered information around what had happened in the past she could possibly help her team decide how to help Helen in the future.  Lanie just needed to pinpoint what was happening currently and use that data to tell what Helen was demonstrating and to determine what they could shift to help Helen.  

Watch this interview with Dr. Coogle on Data-Based Decision Making

Take Notes

Discuss in your group or with a friend or colleague: 

  • How do you think Lanie could use data and relate it to her plan for changing a student’s behavior or learning? 

  • Have you been involved in gathering data or been in a situation like Lanie? 

  • How could Lanie collect data and then use it in a collaborative conversation?

  • How could you collect data and then use it in a collaborative conversation about students at your school?

Video: What Data Can Paraeducators Gather

Module: Communication and Collaboration

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