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Links for More Information

  1. Communicating with Parents: Understanding the Process, Improving Your Skills. Brochure with tips for communicating with parents (sponsored by the American Federation of Teachers): sensible and short.  
  2. Developed by REL Pacific, the Toolkit of Resources for Engaging Parents and Community as Partners in Education, provides tools for four sets of practices: (1) building an understanding of family and community engagement, (2) building a cultural bridge, (3) building trusting relationships with families and community through effective communication, and (4) engaging all in data conversations. 
  3. This article from the School Community Journal provides useful tips for communicating with parents. Although it was written for teachers, it has a lot of suggestions that would also be useful for paraprofessionals. The article is called, “Communicating with Parents: Strategies for Teachers.” 
  4. The Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center provides resources for schools and families that strengthen connections on behalf of student learning. The resources for schools focus on remote learning, early childhood, elementary school, middle and high school, grand understandings, and school stories from Ohio. 
  5. This is a bibliography about communicating with parents (with full-text links to articles) prepared especially for paraprofessionals by staff at the University of Colorado Para Center. These are magazine articles, not research pieces.  
  6. Paras as Connectors- A Peer Reviewed Article.   https://paracenter.org/about/staff/ritu-chopra/

Module: Communication and Collaboration

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