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Resources from ¡Colorín Colorado!

¡Colorín Colorado! has a fantastic array of short pieces on all topics related to English Language Learners (ELLs). “¡Colorín Colorado!” is Spanish for “Brightly-Colored Colorado.” It seems to be the best resource on the web. Here is the top-level page for all their resources:

The site provides many hundreds of short articles on all topics related to ELLs, each packed with useful tips. We highlight just a few:

  1. ELL strategies for parapros (includes three video interviews, two of them with parapros):
  2. Getting to know your ELLs:
  3. Reading comprehension for ELLs:
  4. ELLs and the language of school:
  5. Math instruction for ELLs:

Other Resources

  1. Prepared by the National Council of Teachers of English, this short and readable brief (six pages of text) provides a lot of information fast:
  2. This guide (written in part for parapros) is from the What Works Clearinghouse. Tip: consult pages 6-7 for the specific recommendations.