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Resources from ¡Colorín Colorado!

¡Colorín Colorado! has a fantastic array of short pieces on all topics related to English Language Learners (ELs). “¡Colorín Colorado!” is Spanish for “Brightly-Colored Colorado.” It seems to be the best resource on the web. Check out the top-level page for all their resources. 

The site provides many hundreds of short articles on all topics related to ELs, each packed with useful tips. We highlight just a few to check out: 

  1. ELL Strategies for Parapros (includes three video interviews, two of them with parapros) 
  2. Getting to Know Your ELLs (brief article with links to more than 20 relevant resources) 
  3. Reading Comprehension Strategies for English Language Learners (article discussing three major strategies with links to other relevant resources) 
  4. Academic Language and ELLs: What Teachers Need to Know (guidance about ways to teach academic language explicitly, includes links to other print and video resources) 
  5. Math instruction for English Language Learners (brief article with 15 links to video and print resources) 

Other Resources

  1. This short and readable brief (six pages of text, from the National Council of Teachers of English) provides a lot of information about English Learners in a short, easy-to-read document.  
  2. This practice guide about working with elementary and middle-school ELs is from the What Works Clearinghouse. Tip: consult pages 6-7 for the specific recommendations. 
  3. 10 tips for an Inclusive classroom for English Learners (Edutopia; the author is a former English Learner). 

Module: Communication and Collaboration

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