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Introductory Scenario

Taking on a Team Perspective can Help the Team See the Whole Picture

Case Study

Read this case study and focus on the need for perspective taking.

Gather a new perspective

See it from a whole new lens. Stepping back can change your perspective. 

Take a look at this image… Can you tell what it is?

Now look at the picture two can you tell what it is now more by seeing a broader perspective.

Finally look at picture three and four. Each time you step back you learn something more about the situation.  We need to do the same thing our students’ situations.

Each time you stand back from a picture a little further and see it with new eyes you will get close to the real knowledge of the situation.

Root your Teamwork in Empathy

When children are encouraged to be more observant, they not only learn about another person’s temperament, but they begin to learn about their own.  Empathy is about observing & learning about another person and then using that info to support them. 


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