Revisiting the Introductory Challenge

Remember the two pairs of educators from the Introductory Challenge. One pair put friendship first; the other put the instructional mission first. Now that you’ve completed this unit, you probably have a lot of ideas about what types of communication will help you and your supervising teacher put the instructional mission first.

Let’s return now to one of the questions from the Introductory Challenge: What are the major supervisory responsibilities of a teacher who oversees the work of a paraprofessional? How might you answer that question now? Here are three related questions to think about as well and, if possible, discuss with other paraprofessionals or teachers:

  • Considering your role as an instructional helper, what are your expectations for communicating and collaborating with your supervising teacher?
  • If you need to bring up a problem with your supervising teacher, what steps will you take?
  • What strategies might you use to improve follow-through with the tasks you are assigned?