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When we work as professionals
within inclusive school settings...

It’s important to connect to kids!

Give Behavior Specific Praise.

 It’s a form of FEEDBACK!  

It’s also important to… 

connect to the our team of educators! 

About Teams

Inclusive school teams establish unwritten rules or “norms” of practice.  They… 

  • teach content in multiple ways  
  • check in on kids frequently 
  • use student data around learning to inform next steps

Teaching in Isolation

Kindergarten with no formal teaching of reading or library of books.

2nd teacher who does not connect to 1st or kindergarten team members or approach.

5th grade teacher who uses silent reading as the singular means for exposing children to literature and rarely connects learning to other subjects. 

vs. Teaching in Teams

Kindergarten planned with advice from reading specialist and librarian. 

2nd teacher who continues the approaches from earlier grades and used informational text to encourage 3rd grade readiness. 

5th grade teacher who reads  aloud (to model fluency), and shows students how to break down multisyllabic words and ties reading to content areas.  


When we add a team perspective to our planning the instruction becomes BOLDER.  

  1. How have you seen teaming improve instruction?  
  2. How can a paraprofessional add to the conversation and instructional improvements?

Module: Communication and Collaboration

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