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Content: School Wide-Communication


To illustrate the power of instructional teams, the descriptions below characterize reading instruction in two schools. Can you guess which school uses instructional teams and which doesn’t? What differences between the teachers’ instructional practices point to effective teaming?  


Reading Instruction in School A

Reading Instruction in School B


Notice how much more coherent—consistent—the reading program is in School B than in School A.  

As a paraprofessional you could be part of that consistent communication plan. 

In School B, reading instruction became more coherent through years of teamwork. You can see that the curriculum and teaching methods change in School B, but that the change isn’t random. It follows a logical sequence. That sequence reflects the collective wisdom of the school’s Building Leadership Team. 

That team now maintains ongoing communication with each Teacher-based Team in the school to ensure that all teachers are well prepared to use the methods that the school has adopted and also that all students are making progress. Not surprisingly, even though both schools serve similar types of students—students primarily from low-income families—the reading achievement in School B far exceeds the reading achievement in School A.  

Module: Communication and Collaboration

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