Links for More Information

Specific to Education

  1. From the University of Waterloo (in Canada) an excellent list of barriers to effective communication in schools and strategies to overcome them:
  2. Audio version of the tip sheet in the previous entry (12 minutes long):

Realms of Communication

The coming of electronic technologies across the previous century (telephones, radio, television, cable, computers, cell phones, the Internet) has made communication a focus of attention. All this attention is divided into somewhat separate realms. As you think about this issue, you can check out Wikipedia entries for the main branches of “communication”:

  1. Mass communication (advertising, broadcasting, journalism, public relations)
  2. Cross-cultural communication (as with ELLs: this article gives you a bigger picture)
  3. Languages of the United States (fascinating!)
  4. Organizational communication (larger context than groups: includes schools and school districts)
  5. Group dynamics (the forces that shape communication in groups—like instructional teams)
  6. Interpersonal communication (exchanges between two or more people)
  7. Body language
  8. Intrapersonal communication (talking to yourself internally)