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Introductory Scenario

One of the interesting, or perhaps confusing, experiences associated with starting a new job as a paraprofessional is to figure out who the actors or specific people are in that setting and how the job relates to these people . We’ve all had this experience. Some of us have had it many times. How has that gone for you?  

Scenario - Your entry into a new paraprofessional position

Location: Northeast Middle School
Class: Ms. Hanson’s language arts classroom
Your Responsibilities: Working with students receiving special education services and those needing additional support
The Actors and Interactions: Ms. Hanson, students (some with limited English proficiency), EL teacher, language arts team, intervention specialist, speech therapist from Northeast Educational Service Center (ESC), parents, principal, and assistant principal.


Think about the scenario and answer the following questions from the perspective of communication and collaboration discussed in this module:


  1. Messages to Ms. Hanson: What messages do you want to convey about yourself on the first day and by the end of the first month? How will you communicate these messages?

  2. Messages to Students: What messages do you want to send to students about yourself by the end of the first month? How will you communicate these messages?

  3. Information Gathering: What will you ask about the language arts team, and whom will you ask?

  4. Self-Assessment: How will you assess your communication strengths and weaknesses? How will you enhance your overall communication?

  5. Evaluating Colleagues: How will you judge the quality of communications from your new colleagues? What does their communication style suggest about the school culture?

As with other activities in the module, this one will be more fun if you consider the scenario with other educators who are participating in the module or with a colleague with whom you work. 

Module: Communication and Collaboration

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