Links for More Information

  1. The OLAC module, The Collaborative Process, talks about the rationale for collaborative teaming and the practices that help teams work effectively/
  2. A ‘Communication, Action, Reflection’ Cycle Makes a Teacher-Paraprofessional Relationship Work: This post on an Education Week blog talks about a cycle of communication between teachers and parapros. The cycle has three steps: creating an agreed-upon goal, ensuring that actions take place to accomplish the goal, and reflecting on the actions and their results.
  3. This short article provides a brief overview of important ideas about communication. It appears in Community Eye Health Journal. The article is called, Communication and Effective Teaching. It was written for health care professionals who do some teaching, but its main points apply equally well to paraprofessionals.
  4. The OLAC module, Teacher-based Teams: What Districts Need to Know provides a lot of information about communication and collaboration in TBTs. Many districts use TBTs as part of their systematic work to improve district achievement and equity. TBTs are an important part of the Ohio Improvement Process.