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Introductory Scenario and Pre-Test


Small Tweaks lead to BIG Gains

Lora is a paraprofessional at a middle school.  She works with her student throughout the day in the various settings that they participate in as part of their inclusive school setting.  Often times, when Lora is supporting her student, she has a bright idea that seems to help her student gain better access to the learning content. She will often implement a strategy right on the spot and take note of it.  Later Lora will come to the educator in charge of the child’s IEP and tell the teacher about what occurred and how it helped the situation. 

Our mission is to ensure school districts use paraprofessional educators effectively

Lora feels like she knows what she is doing, but the teacher doesn’t always take her input and use it to make changes for the child.  Lora feels like her voice and her ideas are not heard by the teacher or the teacher is too busy to really hear and problem solve the situation with her.  There is a communication gap between the teacher and special educator.  


  • Lora might not feel like the teacher takes her seriously. Have you ever felt this way and how did you deal with it?  
  • What about this scene or situation could be tweaked to increase the effectiveness of the relationship and communication between Lora and her lead teacher? 
  • What could be the end result of tweaking the situation?  
  • How could these small tweaks to communication and collaboration lead to big gains in childhood outcomes? 

Module: Communication and Collaboration

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