Activity: Improving Your Own Approach to Learning 


As we have mentioned throughout this unit, knowing about your approach to learning can be extremely useful: It enables you to tailor your learning to make it even more efficient. The Introductory Challenge in this unit asked you to complete an inventory about your own learning. The following activity asks you to go one step further, and identify something you’d like to add to or improve upon in your pattern of learning.


  1. Review your answers to the inventory provided in the Introductory Challenge.
  2. Look at the learning strategies for which you selected “3” (“I definitely don’t do this”) or “4” (I’m not sure if I do this”). Which of these strategies seem like they might help you when you are learning something new?
  3. Select one of these strategies to add to your skillset or to strengthen.
  4. If you are completing this activity in a workshop or class, your instructor might want you to discuss your selection with others in the group, focusing perhaps on why you selected the particular strategy.
  5. Develop a plan for learning how to use (or expand the use of) the strategy.
  6. Finally, think about something that would be useful to learn for your job (e.g., a new policy or procedure, a new software application). Experiment with the learning strategy to get accustomed to using it and to see how well it works. If you are doing this for a class, your instructor may want you to record your progress or the steps you take as you try the learning strategy.