Activity: Choral Reading

Guiding Oral Reading

The site below describes how to talk about phrasing to students and shows a passage marked to indicate phrasing in the oral reading of one passage.

Different Methods of Oral Reading Instruction

  1. This site tells how to prepare students for choral reading and also describes different kinds of choral reading.
  2. This children’s hospital site describes to parents how to whisper read to their child; the suggestions can apply to the classroom.
  3. This site describes the benefits of echo reading for different grade levels.
  4. This American Library Association web site describes partner reading at work.
  5. This site provides multicultural poems for choral reading and for echo reading.

Evaluating Oral Reading

  1. A Utah web site shows reading rates and accuracy recommended for different grade levels.
  2. This web site’s rubric for evaluating oral reading can be used for several grade levels.
  3. This rubric evaluates students’ oral reading on expression and volume, phrasing, smoothness, and pace.