Welcome to OPEPP​
Ohio Partnership for Excellence in Paraprofessional Preparation

Elizabeth Lilly

Elizabeth Lilly joined the University of Cincinnati Systems Development & Improvement Center in January 2023 as the Program Coordinator, collaborating with Renee and Jennifer on all OPEPP project activities. She is a graduate of Ohio University, earning her B.S. in Communication Studies, and utilizes her marketing and communications background to support the OPEPP team. Elizabeth has been working to refresh OPEPP’s open access modules and revamp the OPEPP website for a more engaging experience. Every visual detail on a flyer, link embedded in an agenda, and minute detail of life within the OPEPP world has been enhanced by Elizabeth’s marketing, organizational, and technological expertise. She also coordinates most OPEPP calendar invites and events and is your go-to for information about our website and our activities at OPEPP.

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