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Summer Book Club with Dr. Emily Sobeck

This summer book series centers around “Supporting Paraeducators in Special Education and Inclusive Settings” by Emily Sobeck, Sarah N. Douglas, and Denise Uitto. It aims to strengthen educators’ knowledge and skills in supervising and managing paraeducators in special education and inclusive settings across grade levels. Paraeducators will learn the importance of collaborating as part of the team of educators within a school setting. The learning experience will connect with the book’s objectives, scenarios, content, and reflective questions, leading to a practical overview of working with paraeducators. It will also discuss the roles and responsibilities of paraeducators and provide tips for effective communication and collaboration.

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3 thoughts on “Summer Book Club with Dr. Emily Sobeck”

  1. I believe this book could be a valuable resource to use as part of the on-boarding process for both new teachers and paras.
    I remember being a new teacher and having a para in my classroom for 1 period per day who attended to support one particular student. I had no idea what she was “allowed” to do or what her role was in the classroom as I got no direction from neither my principal nor the special education supervisor who scheduled the para to attend my class. So….she sat in the back of the classroom.
    This book would have been a God-send for me to use.

  2. Christine Bare

    I have enjoyed this resource even though I have been in this profession for over 18 yrs. I feel that partnership/teamwork is vital for the student’s success. I have worked in many different settings. For many years I worked within a classroom with several other Paras and a teacher. teamwork was vital in that classroom. With dealing with extreme behaviors it was important that we had the time to process and build a team. It truly was a blessing to have other Paras that were compassionate about their job. Being appreciated and valued by the teacher was crucial. For the past 5 yrs I have worked in a general education classroom in which I am typically the only para in the classroom. For several years I worked with a third grade team that truly made me part of the team. I was able to shine and grow in the third grade classrooms. The teachers in third grade allowed me to use my skills as well as learn from them as well. There was quite a big difference between third and second grade. Third grade teachers were former special education teachers so they both had a lot of experience working with Paras. I strongly feel that the more that districts push to have special needs with in general education classrooms that general education teachers need to gain insights and abilities to work with Paras in a team approach. Being able to be utilized to your potential makes the job much more rewarding. Hopefully more general education teachers will gain more knowledge and experience working with Paras!

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