Module: Helping with Instruction

Introduction to the Module

This module is designed for paraprofessional educators who seek to understand the instructional process and possibly expand their role on a team with responsibility for providing instruction. Based on the principles of Universal Design for Learning, the module offers guidance about how to collaborate with a supervising teacher and other members of an instructional team to help students learn.

The module is organized, each of which presents a topic about instruction. The choice of the topics to include and the content provided about each topic reflect current thinking in the field of education. The discussion steers clear of instructional fads, and instead draws attention to practices with strong support from both theory and research.

Topics in this unit are:

Module Objectives

Resource Information


Unit 1: Helping with Instruction in General: The Role of the Paraprofessional

Unit 2: Universal Design for Learning

Unit 3: What is Scaffolding and Why is it Important?

Unit 4: Learning Targets and Advance Organizers

Unit 5: Concept Maps, Story Maps, and Other Graphic Organizers 

Unit 6: Helping Students Learn to Study

Unit 7: Metacognition

Unit 8: Infographics

Unit 9: Helping Students Learn Test-taking Skills

Unit 10: Putting it all Together: The Paraprofessional’s Contribution to Instruction