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Cheri Copeland-Shull

Cheri Copeland-Shull has been an educator for 34 years. During this time, she taught students with special needs in Gibsonburg, Ohio for 10 years and then transitioned to administration. She served as an elementary principal at Shumaker Elementary in Bellevue, Ohio for 2 years until she moved to Springfield Local Schools (Lucas County). At Springfield Local Schools, Cheri led Crissey Elementary for 10 years as the principal, served as a Special Education Coordinator for 2 years, and then led Dorr Elementary for 10 years as the principal. During her time at Springfield Local Schools, both Crissey Elementary and Dorr Elementary earned Hall of Fame designation from OAESA, and Dorr Elementary attained STEAM Designation from the Ohio Department of Education. Cheri retired in July 2022 and has served as an adjunct instructor at BGSU. She is also the proud parent of three amazing humans (two daughters and one son) and three curious cats.

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